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Design Patent vs Utility patent
28 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

When To File A Design Patent vs Utility Patent Application?

When to file a design patent vs. utility patent application? "Patent Menteso" describes here the primary distinctions between the two, and the protocols for each. Summarization Why do utility patents differ from design patents? A desi...

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25 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

Patent Application, Provisional Patent Application What Can I Patent?

What can I patent? Are you puzzled? No need to worry; this article will assist you with your needs. Any idea that is original but not clear and valuable may be patentable. Because many people strictly define the word "innovation" as a particular a...

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Child patent application
22 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

What Exactly A Child Patent Application Is And Its Types?

A join to a previously filed patent application is a child patent application. The application that was filed first is considered to be the parent. While the application that was filed later is known to be the child. To request a patent that represen...

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PCT Patent Application
21 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

What Is The Meaning Of A PCT Patent Application?

Read the complete article to collect ideas about "the meaning of a PCT patent application." No "international patent" permits patent rights to all nations; this is true. Thus, every government has its patent office, collection of laws, and legal syst...

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Provisional Patent Application
17 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

What Basically Is A Provisional Patent Application?

A patent application is a wonderful tool to permanently protect your idea with the US Patent Office. But it is only helpful if you also submit a non-provisional patent application within the permitted 12-month period. The patent application will no...

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Prior Art
16 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

What is the meaning of Prior Art?

The patent owner will consider your invention as the prior art when you submit a patent application. Your patent application may be rejected if the patent owner referred to your patent application finds that your invention is too similar to existin...

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Timeframe for patents
15 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

What Does The 12-Month Timeframe For Patents Mean?

You have a 12-month timeframe for patents to reveal your innovation to the public to file a patent application, or you will lose your right to get a patent.   Why is it essential to File applications within 12 months timeframe for pate...

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Filing a patent application
14 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

After Filing A Patent Application, What Else Should I Expect?

So after filing a patent application law, what can you expect next from the US Patent Office? Learn more about informality, restriction, refusal, and permission as you continue reading. What happens when you submit a non-provisional patent a...

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patent application
10 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

The Ideal Time To Submit A Patent Application

You should file for a patent as as soon as possible before presenting your idea with the public. If you expose your discovery to the public before filing a patent application, you must do so within 12 months of doing so. As Soon As Possible ...

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provisional patent application image
07 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

Methods For Preparing A Provisional Patent Application

A provisional patent application must include a detailed description of the invention's operation and a set of technical drawings that support that explanation to be correctly written. The main idea is that a provisional patent application must compl...

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